‘Under health and safety law, as an employer, you have a responsibility to protect workers and others from risk to their health and safety. No one has to have been harmed for an offence to be committed under HSWA (Health and Safety at Work Act 1974) – there only has to be a risk of harm.’ Health and Safety at Work: Criminal and Civil Law

The agriculture sector encompasses numerous and varied skilled roles. To ensure that your whole team remains compliant we instil a culture of ongoing Health and Safety training and development. Adopting this culture is a key component to keeping your team safe, and business compliant to Health and Safety law.


Part of our audit process for your organisation is to assess the needs of Health and Safety training within your business. This consists of two levels of assessment:

  1. The Organisation – We take a holistic approach to assessing the needs of training within your business. The recommendations are dependent upon your operations and equipment, your staff and on what basis you employ them; seasonal, lone workers, casual, full time
  2. The Individual – Each member of staff has a different requirement for training dependent upon their role and use of equipment within your business. Some training courses are recommended for everyone, some are more tailored.

Our health and safety consultants will advise you on how frequently certain training is required but it is incumbent on you to keep training requirements up to date. Safety Revolution will assist you in this by providing training at your business to reduce the impact on your organisation and ensure the most efficient use of your employees’ time. Contact Safety Revolution to talk about your training needs.

Our Training Service Includes:

Client Training Needs Audit

Individual Training Needs Audit

Training Advice


Our HR Assist service helps directors and owners manage their farms, estates or agri businesses with a wide array of Human Resources related tasks.

Our comprehensive system supplies you with Risk Assessments, Safe Working Practices and regular on-site visits from a dedicated consultant.

Safety is paramount when dealing with chemicals potentially harmful to health which is why Safety Revolution offer a CoSHH in Agriculture Service.

Save precious time on your building project by appointing Safety Revolution as your CDM coordinator, with our Construction Design & Management service.

To ensure you are fully protected our consultants produce a Fire Risk Assessment, including audit and recommendations.