Safety Revolution was started in 2003 by an insurance broker and a farmer who were concerned about agriculture’s poor record in health and safety.

Today, Safety Revolution are the UK’s leading specialists in health and safety, human resources and risk reduction for rural businesses. We provide a comprehensive system that delivers robust health and safety management in a simple structure:

  1. Identify the liabilities and weaknesses in an existing system
  2. Provide concise and simple action plans.


We exist to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our overriding objective is to reduce the risk of injury or death where we are actively involved in supporting a client. We seek to do this in a positive, constructive manner with the highest standards of professionalism. Our clients guard their privacy closely and value discretion highly – we guard those principles as our own.

Everything we do is underpinned by our core values:

Loyalty | Honesty | Integrity

We live by those values and have them in mind as we make decisions and as we offer our advice.

We simply want to be known as the best at what we do and to hold that position consistently and without interruption.


Oliver Dale

Managing Director

Sophie Walker

Business Manager

Mia Bambury

Health & Safety Consultant

Marion Warsop

Senior Administrator, Witney

Victoria Sellick

Health & Safety Consultant